What Gets Measured Gets Done

Take your health and fitness to a new level at Complete Nutrition of Poway.  We use a comprehensive InBody machine to measure your body composition in terms of water, muscle and fat content.

The test also kicks out your Basal Metabolic Rate which is the number of daily calories burned at rest so you know how efficient your metabolism is working.

By knowing your numbers and your personal goals, we have what we need to create a plan to help you succeed. Our Wellness Consultants are able to assist with your entire INTAKE of food, liquids, vitamins and supplements. We also help with fitness guidance and referrals so your body gets what it needs to burn calories and build muscle.

When it comes to your wellness don’t go it alone. At Complete Nutrition SUCCESS STARTS HERE. Call (858) 842-1080 with questions, orders or to make an appointment.

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