Corporate Wellness

Research Shows the Benefits of Corporate Wellness

After decades of scientists evaluating Corporate programs, an enormous amount of statistical evidence now shows the benefits of having a wellness program.  In partnership with Complete Nutrition, businesses stand to gain from various benefits including:

  1. Improved Employee Health Behaviors
  2. Reduced Health Risks
  3. Decreased Health Care Costs
  4. Greater Employee Productivity
  5. Decreased Absenteeism
  6. Improved Employee Recruitment and Retention
  7. High Employee Morale

How We Work With Business Partners

If you are a business in the San Diego area, contact us about developing a customized Corporate Health and Wellness Program including these available services:


*Body Composition Testing & Analysis

How your body is currently composed of water, fat and lean muscle.  Number of calories you burn at rest in a given day.  How you change your body composition via the right meals, fitness, vitamins and supplements for your body type. ....

*Fitness Guidance, Classes & Referrals

Stretching and exercise to help you achieve your ideal fitness.  Preventative steps you can take to minimize the impact caused by repetitive motions and workload stress.  How your intake can help you get the most from your workouts so you see results. ...

*Meal Planning & Prepared Meal

Customized meal plans your body requires to meet the macro nutrient guidelines.  Prepared meals for busy days so you're less likely to sabotage your weekly intake.  Healthy grab & go snacks, fresh smoothies, and meal replacement drinks to fuel your day. ...

*Vitamin & Supplement Recommendations

Education about vitamins and minerals your body needs to function and thrive.  Recommendations for food, beverages and supplements that eliminate deficiencies we all have as a result of living a busy lifestyle.  ....

*Onsite Lunch & Learns

Ongoing education about topics the entire organization needs or is interested to learn more about in the name of improved health and fitness.  Digital reading of pertinent information to keep you motivated and on-track with your goals. ....

*Healthy Grab & Go Snacks

Fresh fruits & veggies to combat hunger pangs.  Healthy bars, protein pizzas and nutritious snacks when you're on the run.  Stocking of Main Roast protein coffee to get your java fix and still deliver that needed protein all-in-one.  Fresh smoothies and protein shakes that also act as meal replacement. ....